i miss you so goddamn much

the way we used to fight over who missed the other more

the way i smiled when you called me babygirl

how every morning youd text me

how you thought i was beautiful

i miss your hair

and your voice

please dont

move on from me

i hope

well be together again



when someone (someone who’s you’re supposed to be in love with) tells you they’re going to sleep, you’re not supposed to feel relief. i used to feel sad, think about how my favorite person to talk to was going to sleep. now im being used for sex and i cant help but feel good when they go away.

symbiosis-trust yourself

symbiosis: a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups. that’s the official definition of this word. me, i define it differently. i say it means living at peace with yourself. i say it means being in tune with your body, your mind, your soul. it means trusting your instincts and doing what feels right. your first instinct is usually the right one. listen to yourself. listen to yourself, and you will trust yourself. trust yourself, and you will learn to love yourself.  

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acceptance: it’s all fun and games til someone falls in love

acceptance: possibly the hardest thing to master. when you’ve truly accepted something, it doesn’t mean you dont think about it anymore. or that you have no more feelings. it means allowing yourself to feel, being aware of your thoughts. acceptance means letting what is be; not trying to change it. i think that’s always our first urge, fight. when something hurts you like a motherfucker, you just want it back to the way it was. you just want it everything the same, before anyone got hurt. me, i always want to go back to right before i fell in love. it’s always fun and games til someone falls in love. so you do everything in your power to fix it. you text them relentlessly, call them, sob over old pictures of the two of you kissing. the next phase is probably denial. “we’re not broken up. of course they’re never going to get over me. we still have a chance,” you’ll think. well, the raw, painful truth is this: it’s probably over. and even if you do stand a chance, it’s never going to be the same. and as much as that hurts, it’s true. things change. people change. and all you can do is feel. all you can do is think about the good times. don’t text them, but don’t burn that picture, either. eat that bowl of pasta, but don’t have five. call a friend. and move on. it will happen.


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moving on

contrary to popular belief, moving does not mean pushing away the situation, or the person, from which you are trying to vacate yourself from. it does not entail becoming harsh and cold, growing frost over your heart and never loving again. you do not have to be withdrawn and bitter to say that you have moved on. all moving on means is being able to reminisce fondly on the good times and learn from the bad. it is allowing yourself to stay in a room with someone without bursting into tears. moving on is accepting what is for what is and not trying to change it. moving on, my friend, is the hardest thing to do. and if you have the courage to remain gentle and open after being brutally broken, then you deserve a love deeper than the ocean itself.