labels-not the whole you

labels. we’ve been using them since birth. boy or girl? pink or blue? and don’t have the misconception that you’re the victim, that society has inflicted these labels onto you. you’re guilty of labelling, too. and who’s to say if those labels are true or not? they’re a complicated topic. me, ive been labelled a lot of things. slut, anorexic, beautiful, stupid, smart, crazy, nice, naive, immature, depressed, traumatized, anxious, annoying, and so on. anyone reading this, i beg you not to get too caught up in your supposed label. it’s not you, it may not even be a part of you. and if it is, it’s not the whole you. it’s a part of you, or maybe it’s a behavior. you are you. and to me, that’s the only label that’s acceptable.

via Daily Prompt: Label


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