it’s a funny thing about time. it passes me by so quickly that somehow the word i just wrote is now in the past. when i publish this piece, i will read it over before i click that button for everyone to see. and suddenly im back in the past. i spend so much time in the past, reminiscing, longing, that nothing feels real anymore. it’s insane how time just goes on no matter what happens. no matter how many people die or how many people wish that they were dead, time is the only thing that keeps on moving. today im having one of those days where i walk around in  daze, trudging through molasses, seeing through people. everything feels so slow. but it’s not. cause one moment passes so quickly it’s barely tangible. i try so hard to hold on to everything, try so hard to prevent it from getting lost. but loss is inevitable . cause time waits for no one.


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