love is a dangerous thing

love is what gives you butterflies in your stomach. love gives you stars in your eyes and a feeling in your heart you thought you’d never get. when i speak of love, i don’t just mean it in it’s most raw sense: romantic love. no, i also mean the love you feel for your friends. the love that allows you to share your soul with another, allows you to share your darkest secret and still feel wanted. it’s when you can lie next to someone in front of the sparkling fire in silence, feeling nothing but warm. but love can hurt like a motherfucker. correction, it does hurt like a motherfucker. cause one day, someone wakes up and realizes they’re tired. and that this is too much. so they slowly distance themselves away from the other person. or they abruptly stop everything, say they’ve had enough. and they leave. your biggest fear, your worst nightmare becomes your truth. and then it’s too late for them to come back. and timing, my friend, is everything. it’s also the fucking worst. right now, as i write this, the person who broke my heart the way i never thought it could be broken before is standing across from me, pretending im not there. i would prefer them to shoot me a nasty glare, swear at me. not act like i dont exist. like im nothing. makes me think, was that love ever there? all i know is that it’s is a dangerous thing. please love responsibly. broken heart guaranteed.


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